NBA 2k19 tips for newbies

If you are a basketball fan then I have some really good news for you! NBA 2K19 is here! Yes, you read it right, now you can play NBA 2K19! The game was released on September 2017. Now the game offers real-life graphics which are improved if you compare it to the older versions, also there are a lot more feature and better competitions that you can participate on. As usual, the game can be played on different platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and you can also play it on your phone (iOS or Android).

Down below I will explain the new features and also make beginners guide in order to help people who are just starting out. The NBA 2k19 is a fun game but you still need a few adjustments in order to play the game.

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1. Camera position

The default camera is good, but if you want a real-life experince you need to change it a little. The default camera is on side of the court and in order to change it you will have to pause the game first, then click on the " Camera " option, and you can change the position of the camera.

2. New Shot Meter

As I said before there are some new features on the NBA 2K19 now. One of the new features is called the shot meter. This is a new meter that will let you know at what force the ball will hit the basket. Now in 2k19, a shot meter will appear next to the player. After a while, you will get used to it and know when to release the ball.

3. Spriting

There's a new SPRITING FEATURE! Now if you want you the player to run at their full speed, then you just have to hold down the right trigger and the player will go full speed towards the basket.


As you know, passing is a really important thing on Basketball. If you are attacking then you need to click X or A and then direct the analog stick to the direction you want the ball to go. It may be hard at the beginning but once you play a few games you will get used to it.

Of course, there are a few more features. But these are only the features that beginners need to know. Once you get used to playing the game then you will discover new features. Make sure to practice as much as you can. Once you consider your self that you have passed that " Beginners " phase, then make sure to check my blog for new features.